“The demise of Tomorrowsaurus Rex at the jaws of Elder Holland!!” one Facebooker, Janel Olvera Andersen, wrote in response to a meme showing a cleverly altered version of the one Elder Holland showed in general conference.

Here’s the original:

It was a pleasure for me to give the concluding message at #LDSconf this afternoon. This has been an inspirational…

Posted by Jeffrey R Holland on Sunday, April 3, 2016

And here’s how one LDS photoshopper interpreted and summarized Elder Holland’s talk:

#jeffreyrholland #elderholland #trex #LDS #Mormon #LDSConf #JeffreyrhollandmemesThis wasn't the same image Elder Holland used it has been changed a little bit.

Posted by Jeffrey R. Holland Memes on Sunday, April 10, 2016

And it’s true. Many general conference watchers out there, like me, found a burden lifted as we heard Elder Holland speak to us of the fears of the future and how so many of them are unfounded. In a world with so much worry and tension and doubt, Elder Holland swooped out of nowhere and oblitereated so many of those problems with his insights and loving counsel.

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