Here are some etiquette, safety and privacy tips to help you start your missionary blog, so the blog will be a positive experience for everyone.

Starting a Missionary Blog

It’s a common practice for the family of an LDS Missionary to post their missionaries’ mission photos and letters to a blog.  In most cases this is a very positive experience for the missionary, the family and other readers of the blog.

However, there have been a few missionary blogs that have caused some concerns.  For this reason, I’ve decided to put together this article to help missionary moms and family members create missionary blogs that will avoid problems.

Here are some quick tips for starting your missionary’s blog on a respectful, optimistic and safe note.

Etiquette, Safety and Privacy Blog Tips

  • Don’t share your missionary’s direct address.  While a mission office’s address is publicly known, sharing your missionary’s apartment address publicly may not be a good idea.  If people on the internet can’t find your missionary’s apartment address, it may help your missionary be more safe.
  • When referring to people, abbreviate their name.  If your missionary talks about an investigator named Jose Martinez, it may be a good idea to abbreviate his name to “J”.  Abbreviating names can help protect the privacy of investigators and members.  If an investigator were to read a missionary’s email that revealed their personal struggles, the investigator could choose to be offended.

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