Elder Jon Neeley (a senior missionary serving in Upstate New York whose Let it Go parody was extremely popular a few months ago) is back with another amazing parody of the Book of Mormon Musical’s “I Believe.” Elder Neeley’s passion for singing and making these music videos is evident in all of his videos and it is wonderful that he uses his talents to not only share the gospel in New York, but on the Internet for all who are searching. 

Can you tell which temple he is singing by? He talks more about his motivations behind this parody and the reasons for the lyrics he chose on the video page. He says:

“Why new lyrics to the Song “I Believe” from the Book of Mormon Musical?

“Since the “Book of Mormon” musical hit the stage a few years ago, I have been very intrigued with one of the songs from the show — “I Believe!” I love the melody, the rhythm, together with the whole feeling and spirit of the song.

I believe The Book of Mormon Musical

Elder Jon Neeley singing his animated parody of “I Believe”

“For 18 months, I have been serving as a full time Senior Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — the Mormons — in Palmyra, New York. About three months before my mission was to be completed, a remarkably powerful insight and thought came into my mind. It was that the lyrics to this wonderful song should be partially changed. The thought most likely came for the following reason:

“The purpose of this song is to enthusiastically declare the beliefs held by believing Mormons. As everyone knows, however, there are some beliefs far more important than others. In the original
lyrics to this song, there are indeed some declared beliefs that come right from the center-core of Mormon belief. They reflect the most central and foundational doctrines of Mormon theology.

“On the other hand, other beliefs reflected in the original lyrics are far away from the core beliefs of Mormons. While it is true that some of these beliefs are still within the circle of Mormon thought, they are so far removed from the central core of Mormonism that they are far less significant.

“Lastly, some of the beliefs espoused in the original song are simply false and fall outside of Mormon doctrine, theology, and thought altogether.

“Therefore, I have followed my impressions and edited the lyrics to the song, “I Believe”. In doing so I have (1) left unaltered the lyrics that espouse the most basic and central doctrines of Mormon theology, and (2) replaced the remaining lyrics with words declaring additional basic Mormon doctrine and belief.

“If you have ever had a question as to what Mormon’s really believe, listen to the lyrics of this song and in 5 minutes you will know.

“To this end I have edited the lyrics and performed the song, AND have given it a slightly different title — “You Better Believe I Believe.”

Here is the video: