This year marks a joyous milestone in temple history with the dedication of the Provo City Center Temple as the 150th LDS temple on the earth today. In celebration, here are 3 fascinating stories about these beautiful and holy structures.

1. Washington D.C. Temple: Saved By a Heaven-Sent Watch Dog

In early 1973, leaders became concerned with security at the Washington D.C. Temple construction site. One Saturday shortly after this concern arose, a stray German shepherd appeared near the temple gates. Residents in the area called animal control to pick up the dog, but when work began again the next Monday morning, it was still there.

Taking pity on the hungry animal, workers fed him and decided to keep him on the site. Zacharias, as the workers named him, soon became an important part of the temple construction site’s security. After sleeping during the day, the dog regularly woke at 4 p.m. to watch the workers depart before making rounds on the property throughout the night.

On one occasion, Zacharias led a security guard to the temple president’s office, where a fire had started, apparently caused by a mishap with welding equipment. When the temple was completed, one of the workers took the trusted dog home with him. The construction foremen said they believed that the German shepherd was sent by the Lord to help meet security needs at the temple site.

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