Garth Smith, a popular new LDS artist, released his first commercial CD in 2014, “Sacred Hymns, Arranged and Performed on the Piano by Garth Smith“. He was signed as an artist shortly thereafter by RLegacy Entertainment in Salt Lake City, UT. “Sacred Hymns” was met with critical success and was then added to the Deseret Bookstore catalog, BYU Stores, YourLDSMusic, and other popular LDS music outlets.

In his second full-length album, “How Beautiful Thy Temples, Sacred Hymns, Vol. II” (released in 2015), Garth brings his masterful, reverent signature style to bear on hymns and sacred songs that focus on the beauty and eternal significance of temples. From “An Angel From On High,” an arrangement inspired by the statue of the Angel Moroni that sits atop many temples, to the children’s songbook classic “I Love To See the Temple”, Garth revisits sacred favorites and lends them new breath through arrangements that inspire us to think on the eternal. 

Reviews are outstanding, and reflect recognition of Garth Smith’s ability to bring a peaceful and inspiring tone to the listener:

Crawford Gates, famous LDS composer, has called “How Beautiful Thy Temples” a “fabulous recording.” Smith’s arrangement of Gates’ beloved Easter hymn “He is Not Here” (from “The Choirbook”) is included as track 8 on the album.

“This man has a gift. This is the type of music I can relax and enjoy with my family,” writes popular LDS blogger Cassandra (Cassandra M’s Place Blog)

Deseret News writer Wendy Jessen describes each song on “How Beautify Thy Temples” as “masterfully performed” by Smith. Jessen goes on to say that “The arrangements and performances are impeccable. Each of the 12 CD tracks invites a peaceful spirit into the hearts of listeners.”

“These ‘How Beautiful’ arrangements bring the listener an incredible sense of peace and clarity. Your soul will be uplifted and your spirit brightened,” writes John and Kara Huntington (LDS SMILE Blog).

Jonathon Decker, writing for Meridian Magazine, had this to say in his review of “How Beautiful Thy Temples”: 

“Smith strikes a nice balance between skillful arrangements and drawing attention to the sacred music more than his own talents; by this I mean he honors the hymns instead of turning into an overwrought personal showcase. I recently attended the Payson, UT temple open house; this album brought back to me those feelings I experienced in the temple. It’s the perfect music to set the tone around your home on the Sabbath or to invite the Spirit more fully into your life day-to-day. I highly recommend it.”

How Beautiful Thy Temples, Sacred Hymns, Vol. II” has proven to be Garth’s most successful release yet, having charted nationally at #21 on the iTunes Gospel new music chart. 

You can listen to the music on his website and buy a CD for yourself or someone else, by going to

Garth Smith with his wife Diane, and daughters Megan and Susana

Garth Smith with his wife Diane, and daughters Megan and Susana

Garth also travels with his wife Diane throughout the United States presenting a Christ-centered multimedia fireside called “The Hymns: Another Witness of Jesus Christ”. This presentation has been made at Temple Visitors Centers, Wards, Stakes, Stake Relief Society Conferences, Multi-Stake Youth, Single Adult, and Regional Institute gatherings. 

Garth served a mission to the Arizona Holbrook Navajo Mission, graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Design Engineering Technology, and is currently serving in the bishopric of the Vista 8th Ward, Vista California Stake.