The top ten mistakes that will ruin an LDS mission. That’s what one psychologist is putting in print after helping hundreds of missionaries deal with mental challenges while serving.

Dr. Gary Taylor, who spent 40 years in practice as a psychologist, and recently served two LDS missions as an area health advisor, says missionaries all respond differently to what he calls the three “Rs” they will face. Those are: Routine, Rejection, and Restriction. That’s why Taylor says future missionaries need to prepare not only physically and spiritually, but mentally.

“Missionaries typically really do come home with stories of changed lives and wonderful experiences. But all of that good stuff often comes at the expense of daily routine,” said Taylor to 2News. “So it’s a high-stress environment within a high-stress world.” . . .

From his years of counseling and experience in the mission field, Taylor is writing his sixth book. This one is geared towards young LDS men and women who are preparing for missionary service. It’s called, “Serve with all your Heart, Might, Mind, Strength, and Sanity: 10 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Mission.”

Here’s his top 10 list:

  1. Having unrealistic expectations.
  2. Worrying about things you can’t control.

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