If I lose The Game I Should Attend The Church

If I lose The Game I Should Attend The Church

Mormon Missionary Work in India
Srilekha Velumani, Indiranagar Branch, Bangalore District. (Image retrieved from lds.org.in)

(A conversion & member missionary story from India. Source: LDS.org India — By: Srilekha Velumani) 

I was born to wonderful parents. I have one elder brother. I love them so much. They taught me how to love, learn and respect others. I grew up in a different sect of religion. I was pursuing engineering and got selected for a multi-national company during my final year. Days were going on but I did not get the offer letter and it was getting postponed. Mean while, I started playing Badminton in the evenings.

One of my friends started inviting me to the church, somehow I kept rejecting. One day in our game we had a bet “if I lose the game I should attend the church” and I agreed. Fortunately, I lost! So to keep the promise I made, I attended church on Sunday. When I visited for the first time, I felt great love and respect shown by the brothers and sisters in the Church. In the gospel essential class I really felt some kind of good feeling in my heart and afterwards I met two missionaries and they started teaching me. I never read the Bible. The first book I started reading was Book of Mormon which articulated everything plainly so I was able to understand each and everything. Two months later, I decided to take baptism but circumstances were not good and parents also did not support. Elders suggested me to fast.

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