President Uchtdorf took a picture shaking hands with a superhero in the City Creek Mall, and as always, he takes advantage of the moment to teach.

He says:

During a family lunch last summer, a man dressed as a superhero introduced himself to me. Many people around the world see these popular characters as “heroes.” However, I was blessed with the opportunity last week to celebrate the life of a real hero, Wallace “Wally” Leroy Price — a humble, unassuming 99-year-old usher for the Utah Jazz basketball team who passed away recently.

Wally was a wonderful man who tried his best to live the gospel and teach his children and grandchildren gospel principles. At a basketball game soon after the funeral, an empty chair sat alone in the usual place where Wally sat for so many years. Like Wally, we all have the capacity to be everyday heroes.

Real heroes are those who try their best to inspire, uplift, and improve the lives of others, and who seek to love their fellowmen as the Lord loves them.

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