On Monday we found a particularly happy picture on President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s Facebook page. He shared pictures of he and his wife at the Rome temple during his visit last week. He also shared a picture of him climbing up the scaffolding of the temple with a smile the size of Texas! President Uchtdorf is a living reminder to us that the Lord wants us to be happy. We found the reactions of those who shared this photo to be particularly happy:

Mindy shares:

“I don’t know if there is anything more hopeful than this smile! The sun will come out tomorrow!”

Kirby shared:

“President Uchtdorf is awesome!”

President Uchtdorf really is awesome Kirby. We agree!

He also shared a more personal story about when he and Harriett were sealed to their families and to each other in the Swiss temple. Read his story below or go and interact on the post here.

Just a few days ago, Harriet and I visited the Rome Italy Temple site. We have enjoyed visiting this temple site as it is being constructed and eagerly look forward to its dedication. As European Saints, we feel a connection to this beautiful temple.

Harriet and I were both sealed to our families in the Swiss Temple as youth. In the 1950s, we European members saw the Swiss Temple as our spiritual powerhouse. We remained in our own countries and sought to build the kingdom of God in Europe. Harriet and I were later married in the Swiss Temple, as were our children.

How wonderful it is that various temples dot Europe now, with two more in Paris and Rome coming soon. When I think of temples across the earth, I remember that temples are literally houses of the Lord. They are places where the Lord may come. They are the most holy of any places of worship on the earth. Only our homes can compare with temples in sacredness.