President Monson…I Wish I Could Have Come And Held You Up

President Monson…I Wish I Could Have Come And Held You Up

President Monson…I Wish I Could Have Come And Held You Up
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If you were watching general conference this Sunday morning, your heart probably melted as you watched President Monson’s physical strength begin to fail on him in front of the entire Church. He started strong, and then all of the sudden it was as if an entire lifetime of church service came crashing down on to his shoulders.

It’s the first time that I can remember actually praying specifically for a person at the pulpit so that they would have the strength to endure. As I watched this man…this great man struggle through the last half of his message, I couldn’t help but become emotional. For me, it was as if the words he was speaking at the moment took a backseat to the symbolism of what I was witnessing, and in that moment, it was as if his spirit was speaking directly to mine.

I can’t imagine what the last couple years, let alone months have been like for President Monson. His amazing wife Frances who has supported him and been with him through everything, passed away. The world’s values are exponentially declining and effecting members of the church. He feels a responsibility to be there for them and comfort them.

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  1. When I saw President Thomas S. Monson standing in front of us all, I felt it a great shame at how his physical ability to stand is failing. He is a valuable head of our church. Up until now, I have enjoyed listening to him, and taking in every aspect of what he tells us to do for the better. God bless President Thomas S, Monson.

  2. Yes getting old is hard on the body. Having the Spirit also takes a toll on self. Remember how Joseph Smith was effected after the night with the Angel Moroni?
    This same thing happened to Elder Worthlin. President Nelson came up and held him up by the belt lup on his pants. I to love and support all the Brethren, but these are happenings that are normal for individuals the Lord has called and He sustains.
    Moses had a similar experience with his arms raised during a battle. Because of his age and the length of the battle he became tired and his arms started to drop. Two brethren came and held up his arms so The Children of Israel won the battle.
    This is the Lord Jesus Christ’s Church, He is at the head and supports His righteous earthly leaders, Himself or with other worthy personages.
    Thank you for your humbling remarks.

    • That was a great example of the similarity of President Monson’s declining strength to that of Moses requiring assistance in keeping his arms up during a battle in the Old Testament. I am sure glad I was able to raise my arm to the square and support our dear Prophet in this conference.

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