Many preparing sisters have a hard time building a wardrobe of missionary clothing that is comfortable, fashionable and that stands up to the strict sister missionary dress and grooming guidelines of the Church.

Ten Months ago, She Traveled, the newest sister missionary clothing line, was just an idea. Stacie Proctor, an LDS entrepreneur and former fashion model, saw the need for better modest fashion and hand picked a team to help make this dream a reality. just launched its website today, featuring fashionable styles of clothing that are mission-ready, temple-ready and and designed for comfort.

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All the clothes were originally designed by a returned sister missionary, Mabel Alarcon, who has been a leader and innovator in the modest fashion industry for years. All clothing was tailored specifically to the standards and needs of sisters. For example, all the skirts but one include pockets and none of the tops or skirts require layering. Whether you serve in Vladivostok, London, Tokyo, or Temple Square, these clothes are designed with the best materials that will last through the wear and tear of any mission, whether walking, biking or driving. Modesty has never been so comfortable or looked so good.

She Traveled Founders: Mabel Alarcon (Served in Chile), Deborah Kingdon (served in France), Stacie Proctor (former fashion model)

She Traveled Founders: Mabel Alarcon (Served in Chile), Deborah Kingdon (served in France), Stacie Proctor (former fashion model)

The goal of She Traveled is to help sisters feel so comfortable and beautiful that they don’t have to think twice about their outfits each day of their mission. Instead, they can focus all their time and attention to the service of the Lord. The first collection has nine skirts in five different styles, eight tops in three styles and the quintessential missionary bag in two different colors to match any of the outfits. The first collection is designed to mix and match combinations of tops and skirts with various complementing styles and become the foundation of any sister missionary wardrobe. The water-resistant, durable missionary bag was designed by returned sister missionaries who kept in mind all the storms, heat, bikes, dogs, scriptures, iPads, and everything in between.

Check out this cool stop motion video highlighting the bags here:

Missionaries aren’t the only sisters looking for comfortable, beautiful apparel that meets a high standard. For this reason, She Traveled clothing is available to all sisters, young and old who are seeking for temple-ready clothing with a wide range of sizes—from size zero to size twenty in select styles.

At She Traveled, it isn’t just about clothing, it’s about the journey. The name She Traveled was chosen because every sister who serves, travels. And whether they travel to some exotic place or to a mission within their own country, they travel in their own heart and soul as they serve the Lord. Every sister missionary has a transformational journey, trekking through deep valleys of individual sacrifice and trial as well as climbing to incredible heights of personal spiritual enlightenment. The She Traveled blog features touching articles, written by returned sister missionaries who served in missions all over the world and attempts to capture the sister’s journey of the soul. Deborah Kingdon, a returned sister missionary, seminary teacher and founder of Liber Academy, curates the blog and was the principle funder of the venture. In addition to the inspirational pieces, the RM sisters also share the most practical tips on daily living as a full-time sister missionary with topics ranging from choosing the right type of garments to simple ways sisters can eat healthy on the mission, and many others.

Discover this new site and explore with the RM sisters who traveled, and get ready for your own journey!

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