Missionary dies, another injured in Atlanta car crash

Missionary dies, another injured in Atlanta car crash

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Missionary dies, another injured in Atlanta car crash
Sister Rachel Beckstrom (R) and Sister Natalie Ann Barnard (L) (Image via www.ksl.com)

ATLANTA — A missionary of the LDS Church died and another was seriously injured following an automobile accident with a semi truck Friday in Atlanta, church officials confirmed.

Sister Natalie Ann Barnard, 20, from Snoqualmie, Washington, died Friday as a result of her injuries sustained in a car accident, according to church spokesman Eric Hawkins. Sister Barnard’s companion, Sister Rachel Beckstrom, 19, from Tooele, was also seriously injured in the accident, Hawkins said.

Sister Barnard had been serving in the Atlanta North Mission since October of 2014, according to Hawkins.

“We extend our love and prayers on behalf of their families and loved ones at this difficult time,” said Hawkins on behalf of the church.

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  1. Well missionary leaving the MTC has been and will always be a great moment for missionaries. You feel like you are going to convert the whole nation or the world. The level of spirituality is beyond measure. You can’t just describe it.

    For me it was a difference ball game at that time. Yes the spirit was high that evening I felt like I was on top of the world and I will leave no stone unturned when I get out there to preach the gospel.
    The last day of the MTC where all the missionaries will know their assigned areas and companion came the mission president came up to read the list of assigned areas of the missionaries.
    The moment came for me my name was called and assigned area, guess what Sierra Leone was my assigned area. I felt coldness from my head to my toes and I felt very uncomfortable with the news.
    Do you know why? I have just come from a war turn country Liberia where war was fighting with gun sound all days and nights and the lord see it fix to send me to another country where war is currently going on to preach the gospel and not only that but rebels from my country was actively involved in the war in Sierra Leone.

    The questions began to pull in to my heart, will they receive me and treat me as minister of the gospel since people from my country are killing their people?
    How will I introduce myself when I go on the field to teach?
    I cry the whole night after the closing program in my room. I needed to stay there after three days before my departure to my assigned area Free Town.
    My MTC teacher came to me the next morning and said to me Elder Davis you are a good missionary with tears in his eyes but want thing I know is that the lord will protect you and you will be happy in that land as you labor for the lord.

    The day came and we headed for the air port to leave with other elders. When we landed at Free Town airport coming down from the plan a voice came to me this is where I have placed you to work and my eyes are upon you don’t fear for I am God.
    That assurance give me hope and happiness in my whole body. I felt peaceful with joy in my heart.
    I spent eight months in Sierra Leone and that eight months was the best time on my entire mission. Almost every week we had baptism. It was after one of these baptism on Sunday and I have brought a family to witness the baptism because their own was due the following week the news was broken to me that I was on transfer to Ghana.
    When I was put on transfer to come back to Ghana to continue my mission I didn’t wanted to but hey the lord has spoken again and once again I shared tears that whole night because I was leaving people that love me so much. Families and individuals we brought to the gospel was a sad moment for all of us.

    Yes I remember as if it is happening now. All I can say lord thank you for taking me to that land to share your gospel. Is great to serve and serve with honor. Than you lord for allowing me to served.

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