Missionaries from around the world video called with their families during the Christmas holiday. We invited you all to send in screen shots from your calls. We got some really fun pictures from you and we wanted to share them with everyone! Hundreds of pictures came in so we broke it into multiple posts that we will release over the next few days as we compile them. Enjoy! 

See Part 1

Elder Andrew Adling; Texas, San Antonio Mission Elder Sorensen in Tahiti Elder Shae Johnson - London South Mission Elder Severe Elder Schott Charlotte, North Carolina Elder Schneringer - South Dakota Rapid City Mission Elder Ryan Zaugg mom kiss Elder Roundy from Cleveland, Ohio mission Elder Rodriguez serving in the Quito Ecuador mission elder Nilsson - Oslo, Norway Elder Facer - Tampico Mexico Elder Zamarripa, Las Vegas West Elder Wood Elder Walker Salt Lake City South Mission Elder Victor Mora in the Raleigh, NC mission Elder Unknown Elder Tyler Yarbrough Berlin Germany mission2 Elder Tyler Yarbrough Berlin Germany mission1 Elder Tyeson Iverson - Denver North Mission Elder Ty Andersen - Mexico City Chalco mission Elder Terry Elder Sume and Lopez Buenos Aires North Elder Spencer Klatt - Winnipeg Canada mission