SALT LAKE CITY — Two Mormon missionaries had just locked their apartment door and stepped into the frigid Boston winter air when they realized their keys were still inside.

“They were stuck outside in over 13 inches of snow with 51 m.p.h. winds, so they made snow angels,” wrote student journalist Jenny Rollins for the Boston University online student publication,

Rollins recently described the winter adventures of Elder Parker Rogers and Elder Tyler Blotter, two 19-year-old missionaries, one a cancer survivor and the other a former tennis champion, currently serving missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Massachusetts.

The article outlines the daily schedule and rules of mission life, including the facts that missionaries pay their own way and people aren’t always thrilled to meet them. Blotter told about one day when an intoxicated man punched him in the face. After filing a police report and passing a medical check, the young elder returned to work.

“When things get hard, I just think about how I’m not forced to be out here,” Blotter told Rollins. “It was my own free will and choice to serve a mission and it’s what I signed up for.”

Rogers and Blotter agreed that the best part of missionary work is helping people to be happy.

“I’ve never really felt like the mission’s a job,” Rogers said. “We’re here to share what we believe. The thing that I love the most is just talking to people.”

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