20 years ago when Nick Galieti served a mission, he was knocking on doors, writing teaching appointments on a thick blue card-stock calendar, and keeping the mission handbook (the white bible) in the breast pocket of his white button-up shirt. Today’s missionaries have smartphones and tablets to aid them in the day-to-day operations of missionary work.

While some things have changed over the past 20 years, Missionaries today receive about the same amount of instruction prior to leaving. Missionaries attend a Mission Preparation class held by their Stake, then a mandatory 3-6 weeks in the MTC, and then off they go. Currently, there are few resources to assist the missionary once they have come home; not to mention the limited content for the member-missionary who wants to be anxiously engaged in the work but needs help and inspiration to continue in that effort.

As a veteran of the LDS/Mormon Podcasting effort, producing over 600 podcast episodes for FairMormon, Book of Mormon Central, and LDS Perspectives (to name a few), Galieti felt it was time that a podcast is produced that specifically creates content for the modern missionary. It is from seeing a growing need in these areas that LDS MissionCast was born.

LDS Mission CastAfter podcasting for 7 years Galieti has come to realize the power of the podcast platform. While some podcasts are produced that stir controversy or erode faith, Galieti has felt that there exists a demand, and a need, for faith-positive podcast content, specifically content directed towards the army of 60,000+ who will serve, or will be coming home from mission service, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of members who yearn for motivation and advice on how to be a better member-missionary.

LDS MissionCast features interviews with scholars, influencers/public figures, even past mission presidents, on topics designed to help educate on gospel principles, as well as how to best teach the gospel. We also interview missionaries leaving and coming home who inspire the listener with their genuine stories of conversion, sacrifice, and faith.

Topics include how to teach the restored gospel using metaphor and analogy, what Missionaries (and Mormons) should know about Islam, as well as mental health issues common to missionary service and ministering. We have had on LDS actors and directors, BYU Scholars, and mental health professionals that all share powerful advice that can help all members in their hope to be better missionaries and to be inspired in that service.

LDS MissionCast is a weekly podcast hosted by Nick Galieti (myself) and LDS musician and actress, Kelsey Edwards. We also have special segments from standup comedian and Youth Speaker, Shawn Rapier, who is also the host of the Latter-day Lives segment on our show.

You can listen and subscribe to LDS MissionCast in iTunes, Google Play, or on Stitcher, or  at their website. Check out the podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.