ST. GEORGE, Barbados — At storied Gun Hill Signal Station, Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on Feb. 18 dedicated the island nation of Barbados for the preaching of the gospel, concluding a nine-day review of the Church’s Caribbean Area that included stops in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

After a special district conference, a small group of Latter-day Saints in Barbados gathered to witness the dedication of their country for the preaching of the gospel, Elder Renlund told the Church News.

“Barbados was included in an Apostolic dedication for the West Indies Mission in 1988,” Elder Renlund explained. “However, the First Presidency determined that a dedication specifically for Barbados was appropriate.”

Gun Hill Station, where Elder Renlund gave the dedicatory prayer, is one of the original six signal stations established in 1818-19 for the internal and external defense of Barbados. “From its hilltop vantage point, warning messages of impending threat were sent,” Elder Renlund said.

Before the prayer was offered, Sister Yvonne Nelson, a pioneer member of the Church in Barbados, spoke briefly about her encounter with missionaries in 1979 and her journey of testimony and baptism, said Elder Renlund, who was accompanied by his wife, Siser, Ruth Renlund; Elder Walter F. Gonzalez, General Authority Seventy and the Area President of the Caribbean Area, and his wife Sister Zulma Gonzalez; and Elder Claude Gamiette, an Area Seventy.

Sister Nelson told the Church News she was first contacted by missionaries in 1979.

“They started to give me some lessons,” she said. “They gave me a Book of Mormon and told me I should read, but before I read, I should pray and ask Heavenly Father if it was true.”

Active in her own Christian faith, Sister Nelson would attend LDS services after attending her own church. Over time, she said, she gained gospel knowledge about the pre-mortal existence, the purpose of mortality and life after death.

“What I didn’t understand, the missionaries would make clear to me,” she said.

She was baptized on Feb. 3, 1980.

Joining the Church was “the best decision I ever made,” she said. “It helped me to get closer to Heavenly Father.”


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