Christmas is just around the corner, and so are TONS of opportunities to serve! The Church has re-started their #LighttheWorld campaign, and each week in December has a theme on how you can serve.

Week 1’s theme is “Light the World,” the same as the campaign’s title. Here are some suggestions the Church makes on how you can light the world, along with some specific ideas for each one:

“Help people around the world through charitable donations.”

What places near you are holding food drives? Is there anyone holding a Sub for Santa? You could even Google “donation events near me” to see how you can get involved!

“Learn about some of the problems in another country. How can you help?”

Understanding the problems that others have–including those in other countries–enables us to better help them. Pay attention to news articles, but don’t just seek them out to see what’s wrong. Research how people are seeking to improve conditions worldwide, and then figure out how you can get involved.

“Listen to a refugee’s story. See if there are ways you can help.”

Many refugees are fleeing war-torn countries with little more than the clothes on their back. Many have left family members and close friends behind, and they have very few material possessions left. Seek out these individuals and see what they lack, or donate to a local refugee center. Above all, listen and be their friend. Your friendship will mean more to them than any material possession.

“Sacrifice the cost of your favorite meal and feed the hungry.”

Sounds a bit like fast offerings, doesn’t it? President Kimball said that, in relation to our fast offerings, “we ought to be very, very, generous…and give, instead of the amount we are saved by our two meals of fasting, perhaps much, much more (Conference Report, April 1974, pg. 184).”

Whether it’s through fast offerings or some other means, seek to bless others so that they, too, can have a merry Christmas.

“Donate your old phones, watches, or other electronics to a charitable group.”

If you’re not going to use them, perhaps someone else can! If nothing else, the charitable groups can sell these old electronics and use the proceeds to keep giving to those in need.

“Share on social media about someone who is an example of Christlike service.”

You found this blog page, so you must be familiar with social media! 🙂 Who in your life is an example of the Savior’s selfless example of loving one another? What do your family members and friends do to help those around them? Is anyone on social media holding a special event? Share and participate on their page to get the word out! Write a post about who you’re grateful for in your life, or share a favorite scripture about Christmas, or service, or both!

Remember to keep those who are in need in your prayers. Most importantly, pray to know how you can serve them. Look for opportunities to serve, and go out and #LighttheWorld! Merry Christmas!