Our prayers go out to the two missionaries serving in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission. Both were struck by a car while riding their bikes the day after Thanksgiving, leaving one in critical condition, according to the Elko Daily Press.

Elder Landon Howe suffered three brain bleeds, a punctured lung, broken ribs, and a fractured skull, according to Facebook updates and a GoFundMe account set up by his family. Elder Howe has been hospitalized, though his family says his helmet probably saved his life, according to KENV TV.

His companion, Elder Mortensen, did not receive any serious injuries.

Just 30 minutes ago, the GoFundMe page set up by his family reported:

Landon slept well last night and is getting nourishment from a feeding tube instead of an IV now. The respirator that he is attached to was turned down a bit and he is now breathing about 85% on his own. He continues to have fevers, but they are being kept under control with a fan and medication. This morning’s CT scan also came back clear, so the blood clot may be gone for good. He has opened both eyes slightly and even tried to smile. His scabs and swelling also look a little better.

Our prayers will continue to go out to the Howe family.

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