Funeral Services held for Sister Natalie Anne Barnard; Sister Rachel Beckstrom Still...

Funeral Services held for Sister Natalie Anne Barnard; Sister Rachel Beckstrom Still in Critical Condition

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LDS missionary killed, another in critical condition
Sister Natalie Barnard (left) and Sister Rachel Beckstrom (right) while serving their mission for the LDS church in Atlanta. Barnard was killed in a car accident and Beckstrom suffered severe injuries. (Image via

An LDS Church News article released on Friday, June 5th, gave an account of the unfortunate car accident that has claimed the life of one missionary and left another in critical condition:

“Two sister missionaries serving in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission were involved in a car accident in Atlanta on May 29, according to Church officials. Sister Natalie Anne Barnard, 20, of Snoqualmie, Washington, was killed and Sister Rachel Beckstrom, 19, of Tooele, Utah, was hospitalized in critical condition. The sister missionaries were hit by a semitrailer truck traveling at 45 mph after trying to make a right turn on a road with limited visibility due to trees, said Sister Beckstrom’s father, Curtis Beckstrom.”

LDS missionary's funeral services held
Sister Natalie Anne Barnard (Image via

Sister Barnard’s family released a statement reported in the Deseret News that said they are “deeply saddened by the loss of our loving daughter, sister and granddaughter. … Her loving family and all of her friends will miss her larger-than-life smile and the radiance that made her instantly lovable.” An article published by KSL included loving remembrances from family and friends. Her mother, Deborah Barnard, recalled that “One of Natalie’s best qualities was her ability to always put people ahead of her problems. She gave and expressed love with joyful abandon.”

Natalie Anne Barnard’s funeral services were held on Saturday, June 6th, in Bellevue, Washington. Her obituary in The Seattle Times recalled Natalie as being a ‘natural peacemaker’ and a ‘true friend’ who ‘loved being a missionary’.

Sister Rachel Beckstrom remains in a coma, according to reports. Updates are made periodically on a gofundme account set up on behalf of her family. One update from her mother, Kathy, indicates that Rachel’s coma will likely last 2-3 weeks, and that she will be facing 6-12 months of rehabilitation after that. Another update from Kathy says: “We continue to be hopeful and feel good about her progress. We are grateful for everyone’s prayers and expression of love and hope.”

LDS Missionary Sister Rachel Beckstrom in coma
Sister Rachel Beckstrom (Image via

Here at LDS Missionaries, we ask everyone to continue in those prayers and expressions of love and hope for Sister Rachel Beckstrom. We also remember the family of Sister Natalie Anne Barnard in our prayers and in our hearts as they mourn her passing.


Bellevue, Washington.
Bellevue, Washington.
Bellevue, Washington.
Bellevue, Washingto


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  1. At first it is saddening that the girls you nurtured and cherrished like a weaker vessel of glass Now one is dead and the other one is waging her battle over life and death. But as you will be comforted by that same Spirit The Lord Jesus was comforted when he blood sweat from every pores of HIs body To the family that same comforting feeling will soon assuaged all those sad and painful feelings

    this is our lot many time life and blood body and limbs are the pawned redemtion of this restored gospel but in the end Just like the LORD whom seem by people of Jerusalem ascending to Heaven we and those who will be befell by suck lot know this we will ascend to all this furnace of fire and refining fuller of soap. My condolence from paeng cayanan ning Pampanga Philippines I also served a mission in 1980-1982

  2. My husband, Stephen, and I offer our deepest condolences in the death of Sister Barnard, and the serious injury to Sister Beckstrom. May Sister Beckstrom achieve a full recovery and may Sister Barnard’s family be comforted in knowing their sweet daughter was, and shall continue to be about our Savior’s work.

  3. To Sister Natalie Anne Barnard’s family….I can feel how you hurt, for her lost…. Tears…& Prays for you, lucky the Plan of Salvation reminds n giving us comfort….. Prays coming to Sister Rachel Beckstrom … for a quick recovery… Tons of love from Lapu’aho Family.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter this really saddened me I pray that your hearts may not be troubled and that you all may be comforted. I know your daughter will make it to the Celestrial kingdom and that she is in the spirit world teaching the gospel. I know her spirit will come and go and be with you all watching over u all. I will keep you all in my prayers I couldn’t imagine what you all are going through because I have a sister serving a mission in Arizona. It is sad what happened but I hope and pray that you know you will be reunited again in Heaven. I hope an pray that you all got to talk with her mother’s day and remember the good memories she shared with you. My heart goes out to your family Let not your heart be troubled for your daughter is resting in the arms of Jesus please read John 14: 1-4 and the book of Psalms they will comfort you.

  5. Prayers for all involved in this terrible tragedy, including the truck driver, whose life was also changed forever that day. Being a tractor trailer driver myself with my husband, this is something that I pray never happens to us. Thankful for the knowledge the gospel brings that families can be forever. Prayers for Sis. Beckstrom full recovery and prayers of peace for the family of Sis. Barnard’s.

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