Elder Gary E. Stevenson recently visited Sendai Japan, where in 2011 a Tsunami devastated the lives of countless families. He shared an inspirational message about rebuilding on his Facebook page that we wanted to make sure you knew about. Here is what he said:

In 2011, the devastating Tsunami Tohoku hit Japan, including the city of Sendai. I recently returned from a visit to Japan in May and was struck by how this country has rebuilt itself so beautifully. If you did not already know about this tsunami, you would not know that it ever happened. It was unbelievable for me to see.

Just as Japan has been rebuilding itself due to this destruction, the stunning Sapporo Temple has been built as well and will be dedicated next month in August. I have seen this temple grow from an empty plot of land to the magnificent temple that now stands.

May we all build—or, if necessary, rebuild—our lives to include temple worship. The ordinances performed in sacred temples are essential for our eternal progression and enable us to return to the presence of our heavenly parents.

image from Elder Stevenson's Facebook page

image from Elder Stevenson’s Facebook page