“It is our hope that you will prayerfully determine what you can do—according to your own time and circumstances—to serve the refugees living in your neighborhoods and communities,” Linda K. Burton, general Relief Society president, challenged the women of the Church during the first session of general conference Saturday. “This is an opportunity to serve one on one, in families and by organization, to offer friendship, mentoring, and other Christlike service, and is one of many ways sisters can serve.”

During the women’s session of general conference, two videos were shared, one detailing the story of 5,000 Mormon refugees rescued by a small town of only 1,500, as well as the story of two friends from different faiths and life circumstances, and how their lives have come to transform one another.

With the beginning of the Syria conflict in 2011, the world descended into the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, according to the European Commission.

As of 2014, there were over 60 million refugees worldwide, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, and that number keeps rising. In order to help with this crisis, the Church has mobilized its resources to aid these displaced families and continues to call for Church members to help where they can.

“As we consider the pressing calls of those who need our help, let’s ask ourselves, ‘What if their story were my story?’ ” Sister Burton said. “May we then seek inspiration, act on impressions we receive, and reach out in unity to help those in need as we are able and inspired to do so.”

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