Photo: Sister Wolfgram and Sister Lu say the Book of Mormon is often a conversation starter. ABC RN: Siobhan Hegarty

Two sister missionaries serving in Sydney, Australia, were featured by ABC News to answer the question, “What’s it really like being a Mormon missionary?”

The article was published three days after “The Book of Mormon Musical” opened in Sydney, which the missionaries have seen spark the public’s interest in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“For the missionaries … they’ve had people coming up to them (asking), ‘Tell us about what you believe. Tell us about the Book of Mormon. Can we have a copy of the Book of Mormon?'” said LDS Public Affairs director Chris Stuart in the article.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation journalist Siobhan Hegarty observed Sister Wolfgram, a Tongan from West Valley City, Utah, and her companion, Sister Lu, from Taiwan, approach a young man on the street. They gave him a pamphlet in Thai and prayed with him.

“We asked him if we can pray for him because he works in a Thai restaurant, and he works very hard and he’s tired — so we pray for him and he felt nice,” Sister Lu told Hegarty.

The sisters also told Hegarty about limited family communication, their personal conversion and how often they get doors slammed in their faces.

“(There’s) plenty and plenty of those experiences, and it’s all just a matter of not taking it personally, just moving on,” Sister Wolfgram said with a smile.

Though Sister Wolfgram grew up in the Mormon faith, Sister Lu is a convert of two years who was baptized after meeting Mormon missionaries who approached her in the street.

“They changed my life and my view of the world, so that’s why I chose to be baptised and I wanted to be a missionary like them,” Sister Lu said in the article.

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