(Source: Meridian Magazine; By: Scot Facer Proctor)

One of the largest gatherings of Latter-day Saints outside of General Conference took place on Sunday, September 13, 2015. Elder M. Russell Ballard delivered a timely and powerful message to the listeners. 

On Sunday, Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke frankly and powerfully from the BYU Marriott Center to 235 Stakes of the Utah South Area. He called this area of Utah “the heart of the Church,” and quoted from a Gallup Poll that gave the designation to Provo/Orem as the most religious metro area in the United States. Elder Ballard said that the “Saints in Utah helped pump gospel truths through the entire world.” He called the Utah South Area (which extends from Alpine and Heber Valley on the north to St. George on the south) one of the most generously blessed areas in the history of the earth. But he said as the heart it needs regular checkups and he had some recommendations.

He said “I would be shrinking from my duty if I did not warn you of the challenges we face today. There are two powers in the universe. One invites us to choose the right and experience eternal joy and happiness. And the other invites us to choose the opposite, bringing sadness and regret.”

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