Get prepared for General Conference this weekend by reviewing all the announcements made in previous conferences over the years! Here’s a few to refresh your memory.

General Conference ANNOUNCEMENTS

The most EPIC announcements made in #GeneralConference! Don’t miss what’s coming October 6-7.

Posted by Mormons.Ph on Sunday, September 30, 2018


Gordon B Hinkley read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” to the women of the church in the General Relief Society Meeting in Sept of 1995. He also focused on building temples around the world. More than 100 temples were built during President Hinckley’s years of service.

Thomas S Monson announced the age change for missionary service in October of 2012. Young men can consider a mission as early as 18, young women as early as age 19.  Since then the number of missionaries serving has been higher than it ever has before. There are currently over 67,000 full-time missionaries serving throughout the world.

Russel M Nelson recently announced the new way to serve in April earlier this year. Ministering replaced the Home and Visiting Teaching program, even though ministering is not a program. He also announced the first temple in Russia will be located in a city that’s TBA.

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