(Source: My Life By GoGo Goff)

Hastening Salvation… Hastening Salvation is what we’ve been called to do, but how does one “Hasten Salvation” exactly? We hasten salvation by sharing the Gospel, we are called to share the Gospel with everyone. Not just with the non-member, but also the less active, the recent convert, and the struggling member, and also the the member who is enduring to the end. Facebook allows us to do these things, and if used effectively, it makes a huge impact for  minimal effort. So how do you use Facebook effectively? Here are 8 ways!

  • 1st Knowing when to”Like” “Comment” and “Share” and  then do it!

Knowing when to like something, when to comment, and when to share is a important as these 3 mechanics of Facebook drastically will effect your efforts, and the efforts of others to share the Gospel.


Liking something is very important. When someone posts something to Facebook there is a filter to only show it to a small % of people, the more “likes” it gets, the larger the % it will be shown to. IF you read something and you like it then click “like”. If you thought it was good and don’t click “like”  you actually hurt it.

Example: I have 1,000 friends, I make a post it only posts to 1% of my friends so about 10 friends. I am dependent on one of those 10 friends to click “like”, or Facebook will not show it to the other 990. Each person who clicks like on that post tells Facebook “this is good, show it to more people”.

Important if you thought it was good, but did not want to click “like” you’re telling Facebook “don’t share this with a bigger % of his friends, I did not like it.”


First, don’t bash! It is never worth it to bash with anyone in comments. Just don’t do it. But do comment with your testimony.

Also if you read something you like, and you think someone else might like it, a good practice to do is to tag them in the comments (You do this by typing @ then their name, it should pull up a list of names just click your friends name).


If you really like something, and want to share it with your friends, click share, you will have an option to write something, and then post it to your wall for all your friends to see.

Sharing something is effectively increasing the effort of others in sharing the Gospel. Sharing is the MOST important of the three things you can do. As it posts it to your wall, allowing your friends to see it, and like it and share it.

Important  if you use the “share now” it does NOT let you write something it immediately shares it.

  • 2nd Don’t Spam! 

If you’ve shared something once normally it is good enough. If you REALLY like it, wait for Friday, and post it as a #FlashBackFriday post. But multiple posts of the exact same thing is spam. Also, pace yourself, don’t bomb everyone’s feed with dozens of gospel posts in a matter of minutes, remember you’ve been called to SHARE not to SPAM.

  • 3rd Share miracles, studies, or uplifting posts. 

Share your testimony on Facebook, or take opportunities on anniversaries to share church related events. Or your current activities with the missionaries. This is one of the most powerful ways to share the Gospel.

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