10 Things Girls Who Aren’t Serving Missions Want You To Know

10 Things Girls Who Aren’t Serving Missions Want You To Know

10 Things Girls Who Aren't Serving Missions Want You To Know
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1. We still love the Gospel. Yes, that’s right! Just because we aren’t dedicating a year and a half of our lives to solely preach the Gospel, doesn’t mean we aren’t dedicating every day of our lives to the Lord. We are looking for ways to help, serve, teach, and minister every single day. Even though we don’t wear a badge on our chest, we all have “badges painted on our heart” as Elder Nelson would say.
2. When you go on about how attractive sister missionaries are, how you’ll only marry an RM, and how much of a better mom a girl is who has served a mission, it can hurt our feelings. You probably don’t mean it to be offensive, but it is. We look at the path we’ve chosen as inferior in your eyes. We see our future children and wonder if you’re right about their mother and how less spiritual she’ll be. We wonder if we should go and serve solely because it will make us more attractive to you. We think our personal scripture study, the fulfilling of our callings, our desire to serve others, our teaching and helping those around us, isn’t enough. We’ll still be great wives and mothers, promise!
3. We appreciate it when you recognize those of us who haven’t served missions in your lessons/talks. We love missionary work. Honestly we do. What we don’t love, is feeling that we missed out on the only right option by choosing not to serve. The Church’s focus IS missionary work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a full-time mission. We love hearing about how to serve as a member and how to be an example to those around you no matter where you live. We’re not crazy about lessons detailing how every, single person should serve a mission, it’s always the best option, you’ll never be close to the spirit like you will be on a mission, asking people if they have a mission story they’d like to share, or saying “If you’ve served a mission, you understand this…” This can also offend guys who were worthy to serve, and weren’t able to.
4. We’ve prayed about our decision. I was a little taken back when a member of my ward asked me if I’d prayed about my decision to not serve. That’s a very personal, and very frustrating thing to be asked. So let me just put all your minds at ease, we’ve prayed about it. Or we’re praying about it. We’re going to be obedient to the answer we’ve been given, and hopefully that’s acceptable in your eyes.

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  1. I find it ironic that 10 years ago before it was as popular for girls to serve missions because of the stereotypes, missions are for those who couldn’t get married, etc. Some guys I knew would have negative perceptions of women who served missions, like they have a lot of baggage or they are negative, etc. Now with the lower age and much higher sister turn out, it seems it has shifted in some ways to other side its almost uncool if you don’t serve a mission. In reality, all judgements of any kind are uncalled for and unproductive. Religion is to judge ourselves and not others. Controlling people will be controlling with or without a mission, the same as a patient people. The spirit teaches and it is up to us to listen on or off a mission and the lessons for preparations for becoming Moms and Dads starts long before missions, and goes on long after. The college experience, like a mission, can be a great teacher for parent and marriage prep. A lot more important if someone has served a mission or not is if they are close to the Lord, are teachable and have righteous desires. Missions or not to go on one, are very personal decisions and I think neither reflects our committment but only in the fact of if it was what God wanted us to do.

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