20 Legacies of Gordon B. Hinckley 20 Years Later

20 Legacies of Gordon B. Hinckley 20 Years Later

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Twenty years ago, March 12th, Gordon B. Hinckley was ordained as the 15th President of the Church. During the nearly thirteen years he served in that position, he left an indelible mark on the Church and on our hearts. Here are 20 of his most monumental legacies.

1. The New Church Logo

image via lds.net
image via lds.net

In 1995, the Church released its current logo design, empasizing Jesus Christ as the center of our theology. In connection with this effort, the Church sent a press release asking media agencies to use the full name of the the Church in 2001.

2. Reaching out to the World

gordon b hinckley george bush president
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1996, President Hinckley appeared on 60 Minutes, resulting in a life long friendship with Mike Wallace. In 2004, George W. Bush presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, on his 94th birthday. Upon his death, he was honored by President Bush and several Congressmen on the Congress floor.

3. Temple Building

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During his 13 years as President, the number of temples increased from 47 to 124 (with an additional 13 under construction at his death). President Hinckley loved to travel and be among the Saints and temple dedications were just one item on his extensive travel agenda that took him 1 million miles to 160 nations.

4. Ward Missionaries

via lds.net
via lds.net

In 2002, Stake Missions were disbanded and the responsibilities for missionary work, activation and retention were moved to the ward level under the Bishop, ward mission leader, and ward missionaries.

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