Shared with permission via Caci Rae Hunter 

Thinking about the 12 missionaries that changed my life back in 2009/2010 in Meridian, Idaho. I WISH I could find you all and personally Thank you for helping me gain a stronger testimony of Heavenly Father, the Savior, Gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-saints.

I remember that it was on a Monday afternoon, at Pier 49 pizza. While I was working making pizza, 12 missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-saints walked in to have lunch. For the previous week my thoughts had been consumed regarding my family. With the economy spiraling downward my dad had to find a job out of state; looking at Utah as a potential new home for our family. Being in my late teens this news was devastating. My worries and thoughts went to my Father, siblings and college. I was feeling stressed, fatigued and sick.

As the Missionaries finished eating their lunch and began walking out I kept having the impression that I should ask for a blessing. As the last two missionaries began to leave their table I walked over and asked for a blessing. I never told them what was going on and the worries I had. They didn’t have any oil between the two of them and so went outside to see if the other 10 had any. When a vial was provided they all 12 re-entered and in the side hallway placed a chair to give me a blessing.

As the 12 Missionaries gathered around me and placed their hands on my head gave me a blessing. From the blessing I knew that there is a God and that the Savior knows what we are going through. The blessing mentioned all of my worries of my family and the stress and sicknesses I was going through. I knew that the missionary giving me the blessing could not have known in such detail without the inspiration and Hand of God.

I just wanted to say Thank you! I have drawn back time and time again on this experience when my faith starts to wavier. I am currently waiting for my mission call. I can’t wait the serve the Lord and His children.

12 Missionaries and a Blessing in the Hallway

Sister Caci Rae Hunter holding her mission call. (Courtesy Image)


Update from Sister Hunter: She just received her mission call! She’ll be serving in the Indiana Indianapolis Mission, English speaking, and she enters the MTC on July 29th.