12 Mega Popular Missionary Homecoming YouTube Videos

12 Mega Popular Missionary Homecoming YouTube Videos

Missionary Homecoming Videos
Images from "RM tackles mom in airport" video

12 missionary homecoming videos that have gotten quite a bit of attention. Note: the view count was taken the day this article was published. Our favorites are in large text. 🙂

1. Girl Proposes to Boyfriend with a Flash Mob Wedding Proposal at Will Rogers Airport (3837)

2. LDS Missionary comes home – Elder Stephen Owen (17,880)

3. The Texas Missionaries Homecoming (with surprise ending) – (27,576)

4. Gavin’s Missionary Homecoming Surprise (31,161)

5. Jon Comes Home! (42,740)

6. Unusual Missionary Homecoming (45,699)

7. RM tackles mom in airport (47,303) – my favorite. haha.

8. Derek’s Homecoming (51,562)

9. Best Surprise Ever! Welcome Home Elder Rose! For Jake and Jenna! (170,548)

10. Missionary sees mom after 2 years (231,118)

11. Mother’s Day Surprise (268,092) – my second favorite

12. LDS Missionaries Coming Home Mix (490,576)

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