They send you a very helpful packing list, BUT my strongest advice is to find someone who recently served in the mission you have been assigned to and ask them for packing advice. Here is a list of things that they don’t tell you to bring on the list that you’ll write home later asking your mom to send you. Save her the postage and bring them.

1). Laminated pictures of your baptism, family and your temple to put in your scriptures that you can show investigators.
2). Recipes. You’ll have days without lunches or dinner appointments where you’ll want more then anything your mom’s home-cooked meals, or you’ll have a family night where you wish you could let your investigators try mom’s famous cookies.
3). Make or buy a Plan of Salvation diagram in your mission language. This will save you time in the mission when you realize how much this will helped you teach and helped your investigators understand God’s plan for them in a simple and visual way.

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