I believe everyone called on a foreign-language mission has the capacity to learn their mission language.

By implementing these tips and tricks, you will be able to confidently learn your mission language. I’d suggest trying each of these ideas for few days and then focus on whatever method(s) work best for you.

1) Speak your mission language

If you allow yourself to forget your native tongue and only speak your mission language, you will learn quickly.  Speaking your mission language exclusively will help you start to think in your mission language and actively learn new vocabulary.

2) Pray for the Gift of Tongues

The Gift of Tongues is real. With God anything is possible.  I believe the Gift of Tongues may be manifest in many ways in the lives of Mormon Missionaries.  As with many spiritual gifts, I believe the Gift of Tongues is predicated upon our faith in God, purity and willingness to act.

3) Write new vocab and phrases

When you are talking with someone and you hear a word you don’t recognize, jot it down.  When you get back to your missionary apartment in the evening, you can look up the words you didn’t understand.  You may also look up new words and phrases during your language study time.

4) Read The Book of Mormon

I’ve heard of a group of missionaries who were promised by a General Authority that if they would read the entire Book of Mormon out loud in their mission language, in a certain period of time, that they would become fluent in their mission language.  While that promise may have been directed at those present, I believe reading The Book of Mormon to be one of the..

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