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LDS Missionary Head injury
Image from the "Hope for Elder Howe' FB page

Nearly three weeks after Elder Landon Howe was hit by a car while serving in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission, his family reports that he is making great progress with his recovery.

After Elder Howe was struck by a car while riding a bicycle, he suffered three brain bleeds, a punctured lung, broken ribs, and a fractured skull, according to the Hope for Elder Howe Facebook page.

His condition was such that doctors placed him in a medically-induced coma and removed part of his skull to relieve pressure on his brain. He was also placed on a respirator with limitations on how long he could spend in an upright position.



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Image from Fox 13 News

SALT LAKE CITY — A new study at The University of Utah shows that Mormon religious experiences and sex both stimulate the same parts of the brain.

“These types of regions in the brain activate during sex, romantic and parental love, winning at gambling, drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines, really their core pleasure enduring circuits in the brain,” explained the study’s lead author Jeffrey Anderson, an associate professor of radiology and bio-engineering.

Anderson and his associates took 19 devout Mormons between 20 and 30 years old, 12 men and seven women, and had them lie in an MRI machine while they focused on Mormon religious quotes, videos and asked them to pray. The study lasted one hour.

Read the full article at Fox 13 News, or read the full study on the University of Utah website.

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image via ldsmag.com from BYU TV

After performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for their 2013 Christmas concert and starring in a new BYUtv movie set to premier this Thanksgiving, John Rhys-Davies has had more exposure to Mormons and LDS culture than most in the movie industry.

Rhys-Davies, best known for his roles as Gimli in Lord of the Rings and Sallah in Indiana Jones, recently finished filming Winter Thaw, a one-hour BYUtv production based on Leo Tolstoy’s classic short story “Where Love Is, There God Is Also.” The film portrays the story of an embittered cobbler who has given up on God and his faith—until his dead wife appears to him one night, saying God will soon visit him.

After working with Mormons over the past three years on a variety of faith-promoting projects, Rhys-Davies shared what he thinks about Latter-day Saints and some of their unique traditions.


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Insights into the Authenticity of the Book of Mormon
via ldsmag.com

This week, the Church announced it will begin production of a video library of scenes from the Book of Mormon, similar to the New Testament project The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos (biblevideos.lds.org) that was just completed.

This library of videos will serve many purposes, including providing materials for personal and family viewing, Sunday and seminary classroom viewing, missionary efforts, and other projects.

Filming will begin in June 2017 at the LDS Motion Picture Studio’s South Campus near Goshen, Utah. Other scenes will be filmed at various North American locations yet to be determined. The first videos from this multi-year project are scheduled to be released in 2018.

Read full report at LDS Media Talk.

New Zealand LDS Missionaries
image via tekarere TV

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand this week and members of local wards are chipping in to help with the situation. Roads have been severely damaged and in some areas the only means of transportation is helicopter.

Though one member’s home was destroyed in the quake, no missionaries or members were killed in the disaster.

The Area President of the Pacific Area of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elder O. Vincent Haleck has sent his message of strength to the members and community in the area as reported by the Mormon Newsroom:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the people in the affected communities,” he said. “Our local leaders are continuing to assess needs, providing immediate support to individuals and families, and organizing volunteers from our Christchurch congregations. The shipment of relief supplies that will be flown by helicopter to affected areas this week will include donated items from Christchurch Latter-day Saints, as well as purchased supplies paid for by the Church. As further needs are identified, we will continue to provide support.”

If you would like to help or donate to helping with this cause, please do so through the Church’s humanitarian fund.

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from the United Latter Day Saints page

A group of Missionaries in the Montana Billings Mission put together this amazing “rap” video depicting the “first missionary discussion”. Singing “rapping” lead is Elder Finn McGrath.

The entire music video was shot with an iPhone and a selfie stick. From the human beatbox to the back up singers the video was produced with one goal in mind….to bring souls to God.

This is pretty impressive and needs to be shared! Have any friends who like rap, here’s your chance to share the gospel with them.


Thanks to the United Latter Day Saints for posting this video.

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From thepianoguys.com

“We were not able to find Annie. The search is being discontinued at this time in consideration of the health and well-being of everyone involved.” The Piano Guys wrote on their website.

However, the group wrote share a message from Annie’s mother, Michelle.

“I desire for everyone to know, who has exercised their faith in behalf of our family, your faith has not gone unanswered. We have been literally carried and sustained through day after day. We have felt a calm and a peace beyond ourselves that have enabled us to get up each morning and function and do what needs to be done that day to continue our efforts to find our daughter. We know that this is a result of your prayers. Thank you (times a million).

We have been unable to find our sweet daughter’s body at this time. But these things we know. We know that Heavenly Father has heard the countless prayers and combined faith exercised by people literally all over the world. We know He has heard us, and if He chooses to not show us where to find her, then we trust that there is a purpose in this. We know we are in His hands. We know He loves us and everyone who has reached out in such kindness and support. We can feel peace in putting our lives in His hands and pray that His purposes will be fulfilled in this whole experience.”

Thanks to LDSSmile.com and others reporting.

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While Mormons and Christians believe in many of the same things, and both require great faith to keep those beliefs, there are differences between what I believe is Mormonism and other Christians. Here are 21 major differences as I see it, and do understand this is simply what I believe – I’m not declaring doctrine for the LDS Church. I do hope I’m in line with that Church:

  1. We follow the living prophet over ALL written scripture.
  2. Life is a matter of becoming, not barely missing or making heaven.
  3. Absolute circle of life began before beginnings.
  4. Man is co-eternal with God. That means, among other things, that we’ve always existed.
  5. Man was not created to bring Glory to God, for God is not the Universe’s egotist or megalomaniac, but He created us to bring about our Eternal (meaning God-like) existence.
  6. The Afterlife is for doing, not praising and playing harps. God expects us to do things – progress eternally.
  7. Worship is an individual, not a collective matter and not from another human.
  8. Ordinances won’t save you, but they are part of becoming like our Father.
  9. All of the laws, ordinances, rules, commandments are given to help man become like our Father.

For the rest go to Meridian Magazine.

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image via ldsliving.com

With over 74,000 missionaries serving around the globe for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, members and nonmembers all over the world recognize Mormon missionaries as they go two-by-two, preaching the gospel.

A few of these missionaries are especially recognizable, however. From YouTube sensations to successful athletes, even famous Mormons have served missions. Test your knowledge of them below!

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