When I had six months left in my mission, I received a letter that had me select­ my returning airport and return date. That really struck a blow to my heart! Over the past year, I had grown to deeply love the people of the country I served in, and planning to leave them was painful no matter how much I missed my family.

Along with my returning paperwork came a letter from my Mission President reminding me that I should work harder than ever the last six months of my mission. I knew my mission language well, I’d studied the missionary lessons every day, and my skills at finding and teaching would only improve. My Mission President urged me to focus and push to the finish line as I served the Lord with all the skills He’d blessed me with. He helped me realize that my success as a missionary was not measured by the number of people I baptized but by more important things that couldn’t be measured.

I’d like to relate his exact words for you future LDS sister missionaries. If you go into your mission knowing what it took me a whole year to learn, you will be all the more effective as an instrument in the Lord’s hands.

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