(Source: LDS Tech Blog; By: Sharon Howell)    

When Hermana (Sister Alyssa) Pearson was handed an iPad six weeks into her mission she was humbled by the sense of trust that accompanied the ”sacred opportunity to hasten the work of salvation” with technology. She was among the first in a Spanish speaking mission that covers a large urban area to use iPads for direct proselytizing, social media contacting, planning, and personal gospel study. If you were to talk to Alyssa about using technology to do missionary work, you’ll sense that the missionary spirit is still present two months after coming home, and warm thoughts and tender feelings permeate her experiences with people and technology.

Alyssa’s iPad came with a few ground rules, such as committing to posting gospel-related topics only, and when communicating with investigators and members to have her companion’s eyes on her screen and likewise committing to watching her companion’s communications. The iPad came with pre-loaded apps, and when considering the mission rules, none were problematic when compared with the amazing benefits of having technology tools to aid missionary work.

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