What’s the most rewarding part of being a stepmom? Any advice to other LDS stepmoms?

I inherited an amazingly loving and supportive family whose mother had prepared for my arrival. In the year before her death, Elder Oaks’ first wife, June, realized Elder Oaks would need a companion to help and support him. She asked the family to love and help the new wife who would come. My family often speaks of their mother and I do, too. Although she is now in Heaven, I believe she is still very involved in her children’s lives.

Also, Elder Oaks, in his wisdom, did not date until every daughter approached him and told him she was ready for him to remarry.

Because I worked outside the home my entire life, the most rewarding part of marriage is being at home. I enjoy decorating and holidays, making our home cozy, and I relish every chance I have to be with my wonderful family and grandchildren.

I love sleepovers, school plays, high school football games, and especially the new great grandbabies who are coming to our family.

I would advise every second wife to revere the history of the family she has joined and add to it. Have patience and allow others to have patience, too.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned as the wife of an apostle?

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