Happy Thanksgiving!

Read how President Thomas S. Monson made one Thanksgiving his most memorable. The following is an excerpt from Consider the Blessings: True Accounts of God’s Hands in Our Lives.

Occasionally I ponder an experience from my boyhood. I grew up during the Depression. These were difficult times. My father was a craftsman, a printer, and he always had employment, although others were not so fortunate.

I remember the boys with whom I went to school. Many had clothing bought at rummage sales. The same size jacket was to fit four boys in one family. The father did not support the family. The mother worked nights as a telephone operator in Salt Lake City. The thing I remember most about this family was that when I would call upon the boys to go to school, they would be having breakfast—cornflakes with water. There was no milk, there was no cream, there was no sugar—only cornflakes and water.