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It’s official- LDS Missionaries can now email friends, converts, priesthood leaders, etc. Here are some updated LDS Missionary email guidelines and policies.

LDS Missionary Email Policy

  • LDS Missionaries can email friends, converts and priesthood leaders.
  • While LDS Missionaries can email just about anyone, they should get permission from their mission president before emailing others of the opposite gender who live within mission boundaries.
  • LDS Missionaries should only access email once per week on their designated Preparation Day.
  • LDS Missionaries should only use to send and receive emails.
  • LDS Missionaries should not use church members’ computers to access their emails (or for any other purpose).
  • LDS Missionaries should access their emails in a public place and where their missionary companion can see their screen.
  • LDS Missionaries should not become preoccupied with emailing others- they should focus on serving the Lord as an emissary of Jesus Christ.

Missionary emailing rules may also vary per mission, but here are the general guidelines from the Church Missionary Handbook as well as the ones mentioned above.

If you have any questions or insights regarding the new missionary email policy, feel free to comment below!