My son reported to his mission Aug 2013. Six months later, in March 2014 he was sent home the week after his first baptism due to a change of heart. He realized as he prepared to baptize this woman he taught to gospel to, that he had not gone about things properly. He realized he needed to do some work to earn the privilege of serving a mission the right way. After a talk with his MP and a week’s wait on the official word from SL, he was informed he was being sent home for six months. It was a devastating blow for all of us but I was proud of his choice to set things right. Going to church that first Sunday was rough.

Our Stake Pres spent a lot of time explaining the process to us of getting him back in the field. He said,”You hold your head up high when you walk into church. Be proud of your decision and the man you are becoming. If people ask why you’re here, you tell them you’re working on getting back out on your mission and leave it at that. It’s none of their business.” I know that our Stake Pres faith in my son was an integral part of getting him to go back out. Six months is a long time at home for someone who wants to go back out and serve but Satan is working hard to discourage them and convince them they can’t. But with a great support system of family, church leaders, and mentors in the ward, I’m happy to say he returned to service in Sep 2014. This is an excerpt from his email this week:

“I’ve changed a lot too. It’s cool for me to see me do the same thing spiritually, that I’ve done physically. I tore my knee up, had to have ACL replacement surgery, rehabbed it, recovered, and came back bigger, stronger, and better and played college football. I’ve done the same thing with my spiritual journey. I go out, not prepared, heart in the wrong place, weak and not spiritually strong. Go home, rehab spiritually, recover, get it together, and come back to serve Him bigger, stronger and better.”

This is my son singing/rapping to his version of I Hope They Call Me On a Mission that a member from his first mission area shared with me.

I love this kid and I’m so proud of the man he is becoming!! I wanted to share this in case anyone else is going through the same worries, fears, and doubts. Our Savior has a plan for each of us and we need to remember that as members of his church we can’t judge another’s path. We all find God in our own way and I’m so thankful for my testimony of that!

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