Returned sister missionary Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado has been missing since April 16, 2015. She was attending Nomen Global Language School in Provo, Utah. If you know anyone who may know more, please use the contacts below or on the Facebook page linked above. Otherwise, please pray for her family.

The Digital Universe reports:

“Parents and other family members of missing student Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado spoke at a press conference Thursday. The family traveled from Chiapas, Mexico, to join the search for their daughter, who has now been missing for two weeks.

“Salgado was last seen on April 16 while walking home from Nomen Global Language School. Police do not believe Salgado was taken by a stranger and are making efforts to interview every person who may have come in contact with her that day.

“Salgado’s parents and sibling asked the public for help and prayers as they continue their search in the hope of being reunited with their daughter before their 15-day humanitarian visas expire. Salgado’s mother, Lebertad Edith Salgado, described her daughter as very responsible and believes abduction is the only plausible explanation for her daughter’s disappearance.

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