Bryce and Nellie Jurgensmeier are an LDS couple who have been uploading videos to their YouTube channel for years now. They started out with only a few followers and over the last year have shot up to over 140,000 subscribers! We think a big part of why they attract more followers is because they consistently produce content that inspires you to be positive and to go out and go on your own adventure.

Yesterday, they uploaded a video that inspired us to create a post about it because we think that this should happen around every family’s table today and through the holidays. In this video, they invited strangers to eat a free dinner with them on one condition, they had to put their phone in a box and talk to people.

We loved the message so we want you to see the video:


Happy Thanksgiving!

We challenge you to keep your head up and your phone down today as you interact with your family and friends.