Here are 20+ funny/embarrassing German language mistakes LDS missionaries have made while serving a mission in Germany.

Some of these are pretty embarrassing!

20+ German Language Mistakes Missionaries Make

  1. We were knocking doors and this lady opens the door just a few inches and said she was moving, so I thought. Excitedly, I replied “Great! Can we help?!” She instantly slammed the door and my senior companion busted up laughing. Turns out she said she was changing her clothes, not moving. Sich umziehen, not umziehen. (Ben)
  2. A missionary wanted to say we are here to feed your soul. He wasn’t too sure of the word for feed, but he tried what he thought was right and ended up saying we are here to devour your soul. (Aaron)
  3. When I was still learning, I wanted to say “cross the street”. The word for cross is Kreutzen. But this word means cross as in crucifixion. The word for crossing the street is uberqueren. So I had been saying I wanted to crucify the street. I’m sure many a German had a chuckle about that. (Sara)
  4. Asking for a pastry at the bakery with churches on top. Should have been cherries. (Don)

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