A trailer featuring eight upcoming Book of Mormon Videos episodes and their scheduled dates for viewing were released Friday, March 6. Video segments will retell Book of Mormon events, teachings and doctrine from the time of King Benjamin through Alma the Younger and his missionary entourage encountering the Zoramites and their Rameumpton.

Coming from the third year of filming that wrapped up last fall, the eight episodes cover 221 pages and the chapters from all of Mosiah through much of Alma in the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, according to Newsroom.

The episodes will be released on Fridays between March 13 and May 15, excluding April general conference and Easter weekends.

The scheduled release dates, episode titles and chapters covered in the Book of Mormon are as follows:

  • March 13 — King Benjamin Addresses His People, Mosiah 1-5
  • March 20 — Abinadi Testifies of Jesus Christ, Mosiah 11-18
  • March 27 — Alma the Younger is Converted unto the Lord, Mosiah 27; Alma 36
  • April 17 — Alma Preaches the Word of God, Alma 4-7
  • April 24 — Alma and Amulek are Delivered by the Power of God, Alma 8-15
  • May 1 — Ammon Serves and Teaches King Lamoni, Alma 17-19
  • May 8 — Alma and Amulek Teach about Faith in Jesus Christ, Alma 31-34
  • May 15 — Alma Counsels His Sons, Alma 36-42

The videos can be found in the Gospel Library app — both beside the text in the sidebar and in the Videos collection — as well as in the Gospel Library section of ChurchofJesusChrist.org and on the Book of Mormon Videos YouTube channel.

The first episodes of the Book of Mormon Videos series and initial trailer were released on Sept. 5, 2019, with the 15 episodes from the first two years of filming — depicting scenes from 1 Nephi through Enos — scheduled from Sept. 20 through Dec. 27. Besides the upcoming episodes, subsequent installments are expected to be released through 2021.

The collection of videos from the multi-year filming project in Utah and throughout North America is similar to “The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos” project, which was completed in 2016. Filming started on the Book of Mormon videos in the summer of 2017; third-year production included filming at the Church’s Motion Picture Studio in Provo, Utah, and the Goshen outdoor studio — often referred to as “the Jerusalem Movie Set” — in Goshen, Utah.

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