photo credit: Jarvie Digital

Sharing the gift of Christ this Christmas has just gotten even bigger with one of the largest YouTube collaborations in history. Breaking a world record for largest live nativity ever, people gathered in Provo, UT (at Rock Canyon Park) to break the world record and be a part of one of the biggest YouTube collab’ videos ever.

Worlds Largest Nativity

image via The Piano Guys

The following two videos are the product of some amazing collaboration of some of the biggest YouTubers on the planet. Here are some that you may have heard of:

Share the Gift - Worlds largest Nativity

image via The Piano Guys

All of these people made their own versions of the “behind the scenes” of this event, but here is the main spectacular video found on The Piano Guys channel:

And Devin Graham from the DevinSuperTramp channel, created this amazing behind the scenes video:

Please share this video with those you love and #ShareTheGift of Christ this Christmas. And if you haven’t seen the original #ShareTheGift video already, watch it here:

For a free download of the MP3 of the song in the first video above, click here.


As a side note, I was personally able to attend the making of this event and met some of these YouTubers personally. They are some of the nicest people I have met. I loved being a part of this.