Elder Holland and Elder Bednar on Joy and Spirituality after Your Mission

Elder Holland and Elder Bednar on Joy and Spirituality after Your Mission

Elder Holland and Elder Bednar on Joy after Your Mission
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If you’ve been feeling a little down since your mission ended, DO NOT miss these two beautiful videos from Apostles that address your concerns. It is natural, even unavoidable to miss the constant spirituality, inspiration, and joy that come with dedicated missionary life.

Those who haven’t served missions can still feel very uplifted by these videos, because the pattern of wonderful spiritual growth followed by spiritual plateaus or struggles is common to us all.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland discusses how RMs finding the same joy in life that they felt on their missions. He talks about how a missionary has the opportunity to live as a ‘true apostolic disciple of Christ,’ because they are full-time witnesses, similar in some ways to how apostles are full-time witnesses. He acknowledges that upon being released from that calling, it is natural for RMs to feel ‘borderline devastation’. Elder Holland says it’s just temporary, and that life can and should go joyfully on. ‘Faith always points to the future. Always.’


In the next video, a young man asks how he can feel the intensity of the spirit, every single day, like he did on his mission. Elder David A. Bednar explains why we might NOT want to feel constant and intense spiritual experiences all the time. As we mature in the gospel, we become more like Christ, Elder Bednar explains.  Heavenly Father begins to trust us more, and he doesn’t need to constantly send intense spiritual experiences to get our attention.

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  1. Elder Bednar’s remarks on the question make a lot to sense. As we become like the Savior then I guess yeah our Father trusts us more that He don’t need to send the Holy Ghost more forcefully or more “intense”, as the young man puts it.

    And I admire that young woman for having that desire and want to thank her for serving 🙂

    Cheers from the Philippines!

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