On the eve of the dedication of the Rome Italy Temple, President Russell M. Nelson offered the youth of the temple district 10 thoughts—the first five pertaining to “things I want you to know,” and the second five pertaining to “things I want you to do.”

“I have learned a lot of things in my life,” he said. “Years in medicine, years in the development of heart surgery. Nothing do I know more than I know that God is our Father and His beloved Son Jesus Christ is our Savior.”

Speaking during the Rome temple youth devotional, President Nelson told a capacity congregation gathered in the Church’s stake center located adjacent to the temple, that he wants them to know the Savior, too.

“Now that we have a temple in Rome, your friends will watch you more carefully than they ever have before,” he said.

Participating with President Nelson on the program were Sister Wendy Nelson; President M. Russell Ballard, Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles; Elder Massimo De Feo, a General Authority Seventy; and Sister Loredana De Feo. Classical artist Nathan Pacheco performed two musical numbers. Luca Mema, 13, of the Tirana Albania Stake and Andreea Musat, 13, of the Bucharest Romania District offered prayers.

The devotional was held just hours after President Russell M. Nelson met the Pope Francis and became the first leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to have a formal audience with the head of the Roman Catholic Church at the Vatican. (See related story.)

Speaking to the youth, President Nelson said he wanted to help them by sharing what they should know and do.

5 things to know

First President Nelson shared five things to know:

  1. Know the truth and stand for it, even if the truth is not politically popular. “As the world grows more and more secular and less spiritual, your growth should be more and more spiritual and less secular. Strive to stand for principle instead for popularity.”
  2. Know and see yourself as the Creator sees you. “You are created in His image—male and female. You are divinely created. … Take care of your body.”
  3. Know you are accountable for your deeds and for your desires.
  4. Know your true identity. “You are the seed of Abraham, the seed of Isaac, the seed of Jacob.”
  5. Know your purpose. “You were sent to earth for a reason. Find out what that is. … Apply your knowledge to the benefit and blessing of other people.

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