On the 29th of April, the Church announced that members in the United States now have the option, if they desire, to submit their tithing, and other donations online. The Mormon Newsroom states:

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has approved an electronic method for members in the United States to pay tithing and submit other charitable donations.

“The Online Donations system will allow members in the United States an additional method to submit their contributions to the Church. Historically, donation envelopes and contributions were given to priesthood leaders in each ward and branch. In the future, this same process may still be used. However, for those who wish, they may make their contributions through the online donation system developed by the Church.

Pay Tithing Online

image via mormonnewsroom.org

“The Church Online Donations website will be rolled out to congregations in the US throughout 2015, and the Church will notify local leaders when it is available in their area.

“The Church’s Finance and Records Department says the initial site not only demonstrated a simplified donation process for members, but also showed that this new approach reduced the load on local leaders and clerks charged with processing donations.

“And for those with a friend or family member serving a mission, the website allows anyone with an LDS Account — Church member or not — to donate to help financially support that missionary…”

This is very convenient not only for those who desire to pay tithing, but also for the families who have multiple contributors to make donations to help support missionaries who are serving full-time. See the full announcement at Mormon Newsroom or learn more about the process on the official donation page.