Australian Rugby Star Shares Mission Experience and Blessings

Australian Rugby Star Shares Mission Experience and Blessings

William Hopoate Rugby Mormon
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At 22 years old, William Hopoate of Sydney, Australia had his life career presented before him. Hopoate is a rugby star in Australia, but he is also a returned missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As a teenager, Hopoate won a premiership in 2011 at Manly and represented his state within the same year.

Hopoate left for his mission soon after that when he came off of his contract, and had very few problems getting back into the game. Hopoate believes it’s due to his presence in serving a mission. interviewed Hopoate about his mission and post-mission experiences; he responded:

Being away for two years and facing quite a bit of adversity and rejection, it’s helped me to be a bit more mentally stronger and a bit more thick-skinned, I think that helps.

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  1. I read his story before on why he is going to serve a mission and I was touched by his amazing faith. And because of him I have this desire to serve a mission too.
    I want to say thank you William for your great example to me and to others.

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