1. Book: 101 Ways to Hasten the Work Online.

Online Missionary Work Tools


Larry Richman has created an amazing resource that will give you 101 ways that you can hasten the work online. Larry works for the Church and runs LDSMediaTalk.com and is always on the forefront of what is going on in the digital world when it comes to hastening the work. Check out his book by clicking it above or by clicking here.

2. SweepTheEarth.me Website


sweep the earth

image via sweeptheearth.me

If you haven’t seen what these guys are doing, read our article here. It’s going to be really easy to find and share inspirational images that you can relate to. They are creating a tool that makes this possible. And it’s free.

3. YouTube Channel: What Mormons Believe 

isneyland Ambassador Jolie Hales Mormon Belief

Jolie Hales – Creator of the What Mormons Believe YouTube Channel

Click here to read the story we just did about Jolie Hales, a former Disneyland Ambassador who started her own YouTube channel to help clarify internet users who are searching for what Mormons believe on Google. She has done an amazing job. Share her videos. Here are a few:

Here is one of her great videos:

4. The Book of Mormon Project Video

If you haven’t seen this yet and shared it with someone, you should. Check out their video here and their Facebook page here.

5. The Returned Missionary Online Missionary Work Posts

101 Easy Ways to do Online Missionary Work

image credit thereturnedmissionary.com

If you haven’t read the above posts about online missionary work, you should.

What other tools have helped you become an effective online missionary?

6. LDS Share Resources from LDS.net

LDS Share

image credit lds.net

LDS.net has created an amazing resource to help anyone who is just getting started with any of the major social media platforms. Click to their LDS Share page to see what they have done or just watch the videos they have created below to learn more about why it’s important.