Between the miles of walking in the heat or cold, the bugs, the lack of water or electricity, the cancellations, and the homesickness, having a difficult companion on top of that can be the toughest part of a mission. No matter how much you both love the gospel and the Lord, some companions will still be challenging to get along with, purely because you have different backgrounds and different ideas of how the work should be done. You cannot escape being with them 24/7, so here are 6 suggestions to help you learn to love your companion more fully:

Spend time with them. There is nothing that puts a wedge in between you more than separating yourself from your companion. You may live with other missionaries that you are close to but make it a point to spend most of your time with your assigned companion, no matter how little you get along. Without even talking, merely being in the same room together will keep you united.

Help each other reach your goals. You both came on a mission to achieve something. You may have had a desire to bless other people’s lives but you also knew that you would have the opportunity to change, too. One companion of mine, whenever we had our companionship inventory, always repeated, “I cannot change alone,” as she would ask for constructive correction. This created an environment where we could openly express our concerns and desires and help each other stretch. Even as you write down your daily and weekly goals, write down your companion’s as well and help them remember to work on them. This will bring a spirit of progression and love into the companionship.

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