5 Things NOT to Write Your Missionary

5 Things NOT to Write Your Missionary

5 Things To Never Write Your Missionary About
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On my mission Pday become a day of mixed emotions. Because for some missionaries they loved getting uplifting emails, and letters. But others dreaded  emails, and letters. Why did they dread  them? Because instead of uplifting messages from home, they got emails that stressed them out, made them home sick. In one of my areas we joked about skipping emails because of all the negativity that came from it. We talked about how we wished everyone would not email us about these 5 things.

1st. Financial issues.

 Trust me, enough missionaries worry about their family back home and their financial situation. Emailing about a job loss, or how money is tight it putting undue stress on your missionary. I saw countless missionaries worried sick about their family because on Pday, they had gotten an email about money problems.
I know that for me, personally, it was always hard to hear about my dad losing his job, or my brother getting laid off. Or how money was running out. I was already stressed with the Lords work. I did not have any capacity to deal with more.

2nd. Health Problems.

On my mission when I heard my dad had a small heart attack it worried me so bad. Every time our phone went off and it read “President” I was afraid I was getting a call that he had died. Spare your missionary that stress. Don’t email them about health problems. What can we do about a broken leg? Other than worry about it? God has already promised to bless our families. So please help us focus on the Work of the Lord.

3rd. Girlfriends (or Boyfriends)

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  1. I disagree with almost everything on this post. Financial issue for one, my family went to financial hell while I was out and I was told nothing about it but I knew something was wrong, I was close to the spirit and I felt something was wrong but no one would tell me as they didn’t want to worry me – knowing these things make you a stronger and bolder missionary. Girl friends are not good in my opinion as it completely distracts you but talking about girls is healthy it provides stability in a missionaries mind but again to not concentrate on it completely.
    When people asked me about how I feel about going home soon I simply said ”This is my home now, when i leave i will be leaving my home and entering a strange place.” when you love your mission completely you forget home. It did not feel like I was going home until the plane landed in South Africa and then I missed the home I left behind in Kenya.

    Family drama and the rest I completely agree with…

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